Windows Phone Shipments Goals – To Go Beyond BlackBerry in 2013

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Windows Phone Shipments Goals – To Go Beyond BlackBerry in 2013

For those of you who don’t know about this, both the Android and iOS are still on the account of a two horse race, penetrating 90% of the market share. It is important to note that the competition and innovation among popular and large technology companies have been on tough times due to their goals of becoming number one and to go ahead of others.

What the Research Firm Says

The IDC, the Market research firm just released its most recent quarterly observation of the Smartphone market. For the first time, they see the market share of the Windows Phone eclipsed BlackBerry. During the Q1 2013, the Windows Phone devices have been accounted for 3.2% of all Smartphones that were shipped around the world, while the BlackBerry devices have made up to 2.9% of the market. That Is actually a change from the last quarter, when the Windows Phone made up 2.6% of all shipments, compared to the 3.2% for BlackBerry. While that is good news for the Microsoft Company in a virtual sense — they have been losing BlackBerry for 3rd place for some time. This is pretty obvious, and that the experts still do not have a true 3rd Smartphone ecosystem that users have responded yet.

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The Race Is a One Way Street

There has always been a two horse race between Goggle and Apple, with iOS and Android that makes up 92.3 percent of the market Android keeps on becoming the dominant global player with approximately 75 percent of all Smartphones that were shipped in Q1. This comes with one day after the Google announced its 900 million activations for Android devices, from the 500 million Google that was announced last fall. The significant increase report is a one step success of the company. Despite having its top first quarter ever, considering a 37.4 million iPhones shipped, with iOS marketshare that was dropped to 17.3 percent, still thanks to a gigantic year-over-year increase on the Android shipments. The IDC have been estimated at least 162.1 million of Android phones that were shipped in Q1, up from the 90.3 million one year ago. If the Microsoft or BlackBerry hopes to get their market shares further than its single-digit range, they are going to need and require a way to chip away at the huge lead of Google in the Smartphone arena.

Despite these tough competitions, the figures are apparent, changeable and replaceable.

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