Apple App Store Download Reveals 50 Billionths – the Details

Sara Cunningham May 18, 2013 0
Apple App Store Download Reveals 50 Billionths – the Details

Apple has always been one of the largest technology companies who offer nothing but exceptional operations. The App store has been reported to reach 50 billion in download race. Together with these boosting rights, the fortunate consumer will get a gift card of $10,000 App Store. The odometer of Apple App Store was spinning heatedly on the way to the 50 billionth app download.

The Lucky Winner

On Thursday, Apple announced the landmark and states the name of the winner to reach 50 billion. The lucky one is Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio. He downloaded something by Space Inch. In company with the bragging rights, Mr. Ashmore receives a gift card of App Store at approximately $10,000.

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The Acknowledgement

The threshold was reached on Wednesday before 2 in the afternoon. PT when the counter at Apple’s Web site has turned over the 50 billion mark. A post from the Apple’s App Store recognized the moment several minutes after. The fifty people who have downloaded apps after Ashmore are set to receive at least $500 each as gift cards. That is already a huge figure defined by Apple. Its 50 billion downloads, excluding updates and re-downloads. That number keeps Apple the sole key. As Google announced last Wednesday during their conference, the tally for the Google Play store stands at least app installations of 48 billion.

The Accurate Figures

According to the Apple Company, their customers have been downloaded 800 apps on the App Store at an apps rate of two billion per month. This has been opened in July 2008 with about 500 different apps. This tally up to some serious cash, the Apple Company also said the ecosystem of app enabled by its App Store has led to a general payout to creators of more than $9 billion. It took customers from the App Store, 14 months to get great figures from 25 billion downloads up to 50 billion.

The App Store provides more than 850,000 apps to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users globally, and that includes more than 350,000 local iPad apps. This report is according to Apple. The managing editor of CNET News is Jonathan Skillings. This is also based in the Boston bureau. He has been with the CNET ever since 2000, after a decade in technology journalism at the PC Week, IDG News Service, and AS/400 magazine. He has also been a schoolteacher and a soldier and will be a die-hard fan of the jazz.

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