Microsoft Surface Pro: Date of Release and Pricing for UK, Europe

Sara Cunningham May 18, 2013 0
Microsoft Surface Pro: Date of Release and Pricing for UK, Europe

The Microsoft Company has placed a price tag on Surface Pro for several European markets, with the censure to its first appearance before the end of the month. The Microsoft Surface Pro pricing is beginning to drop in Europe today. It is believed to be ahead of the worldwide release later this month.

Microsoft Surface Pro Date of Release and Pricing for UK, Europe 2

What’s Like in the UK?

In the UK, the Microsoft’s Surface Pro will go on sale starting from May 23 and would cost around $1094 (£719) for the 64GB version and $1216 (£799) for the 128GB version.

What’s Like in Germany?

In the meantime, the Microsoft Germany has just announced the starting price of 64GB Surface at €879, and the 128GB model will come at price of €979. Both parties will be on sale at 31st of May. Type and Touch covers will be on sale next to €129 and €119 correspondingly.

What’s Like in Sweden?

Microsoft Sweden will release the Microsoft’s Surface Pro on 30 May with a suggested retail price at $1182 (7,895 SEK) for the 64GB version and $1302 (8,695 SEK) for the 128GB version. It will be accessible from the retail chains SIBA and Media Markt.

What’s Like in Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, the Microsoft has opened a provisional retail pop-up in Amsterdam. The shop will stay open from May14 to June t 9 to display the Windows 8 andan Surface Pro products from the OEM partners. Microsoft will vend the Surface Pro from 30. pricing is likely to be the individual suggested retail prices for the 64GB and32GB models respectively.

What’s Like in Portugal?

Microsoft Portugal has just announced the Microsoft Surface Pro’s availability, which will available from 30 May online, in addition to the retailers like Worten, FNAC, Media Markt, Staples and El Corte Inglés. The 64GB Pro will cost $1,131 (€879) while the 128GB model will cost $1,260 (€979).

What’s Like in Australia?

Microsoft Australia’s suggested pricing for the Surface Pro begins at $979 (AU$999) for the 64GB model and $1,078 (AU$1,099) for the 128GB. The gadget is likely to be available by the end of May in Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Switzerland. At the end of June, it will be available in Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea.

Overall, the Microsoft Surface Pro will be available worldwide sooner or later. The company is limiting the location for sales forecast and observations as for the moment.

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