Google Glass Questioned for Privacy

Alex Bezeau May 18, 2013 0


Google is once again present in every tech conversations, as its Google Glass product is questioned for privacy. This was suggested by a letter that was sent right into Google’s head quarters and on the bottom of the letter we can see that couple of congressmen has put their sign on it.  They wanted to know something from Google related to the privacy of this new device.

They have asked if this company has any intention of doing something to make them secure from using the Google Glass. They have addressed this letter to Larry Page, a CEO at Google, and asked him a couple of questions which were indicated in couple of reports by some news companies. They shared couple of questions related to the security measurements and if Google intends to incorporate the facial recognition technology into this new wearable gadget.

Eight Congressmen were signed and they want Google to answer them as soon as possible but there is also a deadline when they expect the answer. This answering letter should be delivered back to the Congress by 14th of July. After that we should see what happens next. Maybe with this move the Congress wants to know if Google Glass is secured enough so they don’t need to receive all kinds of complaints after the launch.


As we said earlier, there are several questions including the privacy of the users and non-users when this gadget is launched for purchase and use. A question that made me think a lot is involves the facial-tech feature which Google wants to incorporate in the Google Glass. In the letter I’ve noticed that the congressmen wanted to know about the privacy of people in this case? – How much will this privacy be broken only Google knows and the company must answer it to the Congress as soon as possible.

The thing that is bothering me the most is Google Glass is never left alone to make some progress. After the unveiling numerous of reports, analytics, complaints, bills and much more other stuff were addressed to this gadget that sill isn’t available for purchase on the market. I’ve never read or heard some great stuff about it and only some developers have tried it to make things better. I know that privacy is a big question for every company but let Google launch its device first, then ask questions and write bad or good reviews.

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