Infamous Nexus 4 Coming to Google Play?

Sara Cunningham May 18, 2013 0
Infamous Nexus 4 Coming to Google Play?

This is and it has been the biggest question of all when Google is included into the rumors. 10th of July is the deadline when maybe all the rumors will come to an end and this infamous Nexus 4 will hit stores. The newest report suggests that this handset will officially make its debut in Google Play. We’ve already seen some leaked photos back in January but still no sight from its official launch.

Some reports around the web even say that this white Nexus 4 is already in their possession and that it looks like the old Nexus 4 but only with different color and carbon chassis. Beside this, Google’s white Nexus 4 will run on Android 4.3 that was expected to be launched at the I/O conference for developers but never made it through. And the thoughts are that Google intentionally left it out from unveiling it just to surprise us with this new handset running on fresh Android 4.3.

We all leaved up to see what will happen on the I/O conference and what new features will this Android OS version include but among the other great services and features unveiled we didn’t witness this upgrade. This is the big reason why we don’t know much for this version. Without any doubt, there will be some slight improvements with some added support of Bluetooth Smart. That’s all we were able to dig up from our sources but we assure you that we will have the full coverage the next month if this Nexus 4 comes out with this improved Android OS version.


Maybe you didn’t find what you were looking for into the present Nexus 4, but I can assure you it’s worth the money. We expect that this new white version of the Nexus 4 will have the same price tag, or maybe will sell for little higher than the casual device. At this point, the starting price for the Nexus 4 is $299.

If this speculation is true and Google makes this move I assume it will be great for those who are Nexus supporters and lovers. It’s quite good to have an option for buying different styles of your desired smartphone but the important thing is what comes whit it? – Does this new smartphone will feature some new improvements of its design, hardware, software or it’s only the color that has been changed? We will see after 10th of July.

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