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Heidi Speare May 18, 2013 0


After the launch of iTunes 11, Apple has received some good reviews about the new look, features and easy manageable interface. After that, the company was able to make slight improvements to the functionality that made it even more perfect. Yesterday they have released a new update iTunes 11.0.3.

There aren’t some big changes included but you will notice that it has been made quicker when you want to search something and it responds quicker to your demands. The Album art into the MiniPlayer is also made slightly different and got a progress bar. All in all, we can say that the performance of the iTunes now is taken to a slight new level. This update is free of charge and it comes for both Mac and PC.



From what I can see, the biggest change is made on the progress bar which was taken away with the release of the iTunes 11. Apple has decided back then to remove 7 features which were really handy and they could have help through the iTunes experience. When you move over the MiniPlayer you can see that all the controls and features will show up and when you move away from the player you will notice that the controls will fade away. This change makes the player really interesting and it looks like some other players that we are used to using it every day.

Maybe in the future updates Apple will choose to return some of the other 6 removed features. Just to remind you those were:

  • Cover Flow – which was able to put all the albums all together in one flow and when you point at some they are floating around you until it shows pointed album cover.
  • De-Duper – this feature didn’t let you to re-add some music which were already stored on your iTunes.
  • iTunes DJ – the feature was great. It enabled you create a playlist that would never end.
  • Gapless playback editor – which was playing the song right from the beginning to the end without any possible breaks. Useful for some tracks.
  • Multiply windows – right after iTunes 11 was launched the favorite feature among the users vanished. With this feature the users could manage all the functions in separate windows.
  • The Other sidebar

These features might be included in some other updates. The latest update took place in February and we are already looking forward to the next one.

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