The Newest Xbox to Be Unveiled May 21

Sara Cunningham May 18, 2013 0
The Newest Xbox to Be Unveiled May 21

Just as we thought and reported earlier, the newest Xbox from Microsoft will be unveiled on May 21. This is the best news that any gamer could currently hear. This platform already took place as the best gaming console ever built and to hear something new like this news is really special for everyone. The comments of the gamers from all around the world are suggesting that everybody was waiting this for so long to happen.

As was reported by Microsoft, this event will start at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday and they have invited some developers and reporters to be the first witnesses of this new console. It is still unclear when it will hit the market shelves but maybe at the event the Microsoft representatives will give this information. As reported, even you will be able to watch the full live coverage of the event through your device. The unveiling will take place in a tent placed right in front yard of the Microsoft’s headquarters.

Not only that this means a new beginning of the Xbox era for Microsoft, it also means beginning of a new war between some of the biggest competitors on the market. If you look at the past reports and analytics you will see that this new playing console was introduced like the first shot vs. Apple in a whole new campaign called next TV generation. The thing is, before the unveiling all the other companies which are direct competitors to the Microsoft’s playing console, have already launched their products and Microsoft was quiet about its Xbox. Maybe that was a strategic move to see what the other companies will offer in order to include the lacking features into its next Xbox.


While we are at the new Xbox, many rumors have indicated that it will be called Xbox Infinity and we are all expecting that this time it will offer something completely new for all the gamers and for the non-gamers also. Its predecessor, the Xbox 360, was completely made as a entertainment console which gave you experience in TV content, movies and music and that’s why this new Xbox Infinity is expected to offer something we are not able to see in other gaming consoles.

I’m very excited about this new Xbox because as a long time game supporter I’m always looking for some new challenges when it comes to new experiences. We will see you again after the unveiling with the official review and specs.

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