Chromebook Pixel’s Camera Among Its Multiple ‘Not so Bright’ Features

Jasmina Lozevska May 19, 2013 0
Chromebook Pixel’s Camera Among Its Multiple ‘Not so Bright’ Features

If you watched the I/O conference live or you read all the things that were unveiled there, you must know that Google has launched a new Chromebook Pixel with many features. Finally that Chromebook got to be part of our review section and guess what – me and including the rest of the web – we are not impressed by it.

As you all know, Chromebook devices are running on Chrome OS which still needs plenty of development, concerning its full capability. Exploring through Chromebook, I was able to see that there are so many difficulties which prevent this Chrome OS from running like it should have. Of course I need to wait another six weeks in order to see if all the things that I noticed will be fixed because this operating system is updated every 6 weeks. It’s getting better from time to time but there is so much left to do that you will not have time to wait for reaching the final stadium. If you ask me, Chrome OS will be as powerful as the other platforms but time will tell.

The problem that bugged me off and I felt very nervous about it was the streaming feature. If you stream music through an opened tab on your browser, when you switch tabs or open a new one, the streaming music stops. If you want it to continue playing you just need to return to the tab. This is all part of the virtual memory in this Chromebook. The OS itself will remove every opened tab if they have big frequency. I’ve never met a device with this kind of stuff. And the people working on this OS are saying that they have made good progress with the virtual memory this year from the past few years. Yes, I can assure you that there is some good progress made but there are still things that you are not used to.


The camera is also a disappointment in this Chromebook. If you are shooting pictures through your camera you must have card reader at any time if you want to transfer your images. As the previous ones, this Chromebook has a SD card slot so you will use it very often. There are some other slight difficulties which prevent you from using the Chromebook as the way you want but I assume that if you choose to buy it you will not notice them very much. But the previously mentioned are things that you’ll regret not having. Like the Delete button on the keyboard. I spent couple of minutes searching for it but it just wasn’t there.

If you ask me if you should buy this device I will answer you negatively right away because with $1300, the price of this device, you can buy a way more powerful and handy device. You have an option to give only $50 more and to be proud owner of a MacBook Pro which costs $1,349 or you have an option to buy cheaper Windows models which offers more than this Notebook. There is no doubt that you can find something to love in the hardware features in this device but it’s definitely not worth the money.

This is my point of view but it’s up to you to make the decision.

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