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Alex Bezeau May 19, 2013 1


If you haven’t find the proper photo editor that you were searching for by now, we are offering something that you will adore and after using it, it will be difficult for you to use another editor. A Beautiful Mess will give you some excellent experience while you are making your photos great. Everything that you need is just one click away and you will be able to find all the features without using a guide.

While you are editing your photo you can choose from some effects that are included in this editor. When you are done editing you can share the photo with your friends on the social networks. There is even a Web site where the bloggers (Elsie and Emma) are writing really good stuff for beauty, style, fashion, recipes and other stuff. Be aware that this app is not for everybody because not everyone is interested in this stuff. There is no other thing more interesting than using a good application for editing your photos. There are maybe lacking more filters which you can choose to make the photos more beautiful but maybe in some other update we will have those.

On first sight, maybe this application seems a little bit girly but it’s designed to perform quite impressive. While editing you can add some borders, write text in different colors and fonts and add some photo effects. There is also an option for an Instagram connection.


The thing that it’s not impressive it’s that after you purchase this app for 99 cents there are some additional features that you need to buy before using this application. If you are trying to compare this editor with other editors which have great history behind them, A Beautiful Mess will fall short. But I’ll give them credit because this editor it’s at the very start for bringing differences among the others. And as I said earlier, it’s designed to target specific audience and those who are included in this audience will find their next favorite editor.

If you are up for using easy, handy and beautifully designed app you have just found it. You can even add some drawings to your photos and we are looking forward for receiving more filters that we can use. If you are looking for something or let’s say, an editor with many filters and features, this is not for you and you should try searching something else.

If we breakdown the review on pros and cons we need to say that:

Pros: Adding borders, styled text, doodles, and drawings; beautifully designed interface; easy to use; sharing ability; Web site for blogging.

Cons: Lack of filters, additional purchases which can reach $10 from the first 99 cents;

I’m sure that the girls will enjoy using it because there are some really useful tips and hints on the Web site that are fun reading.

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