Microsoft Surface Pro: Sucks Storage Space Right Up

Jasmina Lozevska February 17, 2013 0

Good news from Microsoft folks. It looks like those that seek the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet are going to be able to get their hands on this spectacular device. We learned the company has updated the information about the availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro and stated the 128GB version of the tablet can be now ordered.

This would make happy many customers out there that are in need of a tablet with great storage capacity. However, don’t jump into conclusions right away – there are a lot of concerns connected with the storage capacity of the Surface Pro.

Customers are reporting their 64GB and 128GB tablets have only 23GB and 83GB of user storage available, respectively. The Microsoft Surface Pro actually loses a great deal of storage to the operating system and this seems like a big problem for most customers. First, you may think many are exaggerating, but it is a big deal for buyers that expected to have much more user storage on their disposal.


On the other hand, Microsoft explained the storage capacity is not really a problem, since the tablet allows users to expand it, thanks to the MicroSDXC card slot, which can bring additional 64GB.

Microsoft’s response to the complaints is that these issues were reported by users with pre-release 64GB and 128GB variants of the Surface Pro. In addition, the company points out that the tablet is coming with preloaded apps, which has to take some of the initial storage.

While Microsoft is trying to explain why buyers didn’t get the amount of storage they paid for, other tablets on the market are catching our attention. Compared to the Surface Pro, other tablets, such as iOS and Android tablets, do not lose much of their storage to their operating systems. So, when you buy one of them, you get most of the storage space that is listed in the device’s specs list.

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