Apple Facing Issues with iRadio’s Roll Out

Sara Cunningham May 19, 2013 0
Apple Facing Issues with iRadio’s Roll Out

While we wait for Apple to finally make its move with the rumored music streaming service we received some information about difficulties that iRadio is facing. As the reports say, Apple’s iRadio is struggling with some issues that involve economics of skipping the songs. As it seems, this company has a long way to go before making its official debut.

I thought that after Google launching its first half of the music streaming service, Apple will follow through with early launching of its version tied up with iTunes. This streaming service is scheduled to make its way through the streaming service market this summer but as these reports show, maybe Apple will need to reschedule the official launching.

The issue involves some problems Sony Music. These two companies can’t make the deal because some features are unacceptable for building into this music streaming service. If we look at this more deeply, it is still unclear how much will Apple pay for those songs which are skipped after listening just one small piece of them. This came after the leaked information about Apple including the function for rewinding and skipping playing song into this service.


Sony hasn’t talked about this and all the efforts for making an official statement for the issue were declined by the company. Apple is unavailable for reach in this moment but I assume that this company will do the same thing as Sony. I don’t know what the big deal of this is, but maybe both companies have some restrictions that they never could pass them. If there isn’t agreement reached very soon, iRadio will face an inevitable delay and maybe it will be set for a spring launch.

Just when we thought Apple is making the big step with this iRadio towards the music industry same as Steve Jobs made with the iTunes business. Apple has already put a deal in a drawer with one music label “Universal Music” and it’s on the verge for closing up the deal with “Warner Music Group”. Sony Music is on the second place right beneath Universal but it is of a big importance to have deal with this music label.

It’s still not very much clear what Sony wants from the deal but some rumors say that they are searching for better terms for the contract. Sony is already in contract with Pandora so maybe it searches something then already has from this music service.

If Apple wants to be competitive right from the start it must sign a deal with more music labels. I’m not saying that these three would not be okay for start but releasing something new and good is always well accepted by the users. Now even that Google is in the business this market will be more competitive when Apple releases this steaming service. But we must not forget about iTunes that will give large boost for the iRadio because it’s sealing music every second and everyone is happy. And by everyone I mean the music labels, producers, musicians and the users.

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