Google Glass Privacy Was Examined by US Politicians

Sara Cunningham May 19, 2013 0
Google Glass Privacy Was Examined by US Politicians

Google Glass has long been awaited by most people living in different side of the continent. What people heard about Google Glass is the fact that it is phenomenal, helpful, advanced and convenient. But just like any other technologies, the glass faced many criticisms for sorting out data which are open at WI-Fi networks. Because of this, the newly invented Google Glass was examined by US politicians whether the glass protects every human’s privacy or help divulging it.

What US Politicians Want?

US politicians investigate the said item because they wanted to reassure that Google Glass is a smart gadget, and respects ever personal privacy if the people. If they find out that the gadget is detrimental to one’s privacy, they will automatically create some measures that would protect the masses. In addition, the members want to know the Google’s policy for handling the privacy of the non-users and how it will value the wishes of those people who do not want to get involved or give information about them from social media sites. The group also wishes Google to explain further how it will update and refine its privacy policies in order to reflect the narrative abilities of Google Glass.

Google Glass Privacy Was Examined by US Politicians 2

The Power of 8

Google was notified of this investigation through letters. It was the eight Congressional members who are searching for answers to their questions about Google Glass.  There are eight questions thrown to Google about the data and the gadget. These questions are made by both users and non-users who are curious about the gadget, or someone who heard negative things about the item.

What the Letter States

The letter states and was focused about the uncertainty of the said item. They let Google know about their curiosity whether the technology infringes everyone else’s privacy of the average American citizens. The letter is addressed to Larry Page, and the content pointed out the fact that the company does not have any flawless history when it came to managing and dealing with personal information.  It was also mentioned giving out fines when the authorities find out that it inadvertently sort out data from the unprotected WI-Fi networks while gathering information for. They have investigated numerous technologies in the past.

Congressional Caucus – Democrats and Republicans as Members

Google Glass is facing a controversial technology since it’s possible to gather video, data and images almost anything and everything. Some have admitted that the privacy will be “unfeasible” if Google Glass and comparable products are widely used.

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