The New Redesigned Mini Player iTunes of Apple Strikes the Masses

Sara Cunningham May 19, 2013 0
The New Redesigned Mini Player iTunes of Apple Strikes the Masses

Once again, Apple has risen and added more features to the already bloated iTunes. The latest updates would be the movies/music/app manager and player. Classically, the dubbed version is version 11.03. This includes a redesigned mini player, with a song view art, and the multi-disc albums are supported completely. You also notice some performance enhancements. Actually, the update is not a major update. Below are the step by step newest features to help you decide if the new update is best for you or not.

The Art and the Player

The first change is the album art in the song view part. You are able to see all the albums on the left side when you view the lists of songs. The design is nice, and the purpose is spectacular. This is useful if the album art is available in your music, if it doesn’t then this feature is completely useless. The second change is the new mini player. As you can see, Apple has made some effort to use small space. This has been introduced since 2011.

The New Redesigned Mini Player iTunes of Apple Strikes the Masses 2

The Cover Updates

The third change is the full album art cover. The best thing about this is that the mini player can now expand to album art, which makes it more attractive, pleasant, phenomenal and emotional as you play and listen to your favorite song. The fourth change is about the organization of the lists of songs. If you play the song, you will have an option to see the remaining songs in that particular album. This feature is a convenient part of those people who wanted to listen one artist or singer at a time.

The Browsing Updates

The fifth change is the search part of the player. If you want to search something, the engine is convenient and can assist you all the way. The sixth change is the upcoming song lists. As you can see, you are able to view the lists of the upcoming song lists at the top, and you are permitted to clear them by song basis.

The seventh change is the “in store” option under the song view part. The function of “in the store” button is to give you an idea of other albums and songs available. The store gives you recommendation; therefore, you will be updated with the latest songs. You will have the option to buy them or not.   Last but not the least is the store browsing history.   Whatever you do, the iTunes kept track on that.

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