The Unfinished Business of Google Engineers on Android

Sara Cunningham May 19, 2013 0
The Unfinished Business of Google Engineers on Android

The issues regarding the incomplete features of the Google I/O has been acknowledged by the Google engineers. These issues come from the people and technology expert’s criticisms. During their conference held in San Francisco, where there is a fireside chatting art, eleven members discuss the issue.

What the Engineers Say?

They always assure people that the Google Android is still on track and they are still working with it to ensure that the Android updates are transformed into a new device in a fashion manner. During the chat at the developer conference on Thursday, the eleven members of the team fielded questions from the developers. The Android team members have acknowledged the progressing issue of disintegration within the Android ecosystem.

The Unfinished Business of Google Engineers on Android 2

The Major Problem

It has been repeatedly stated that the Android is currently on track and that engineers are still working on it to serve better. They recognized the janky issue. This means that its screen pause or stutter, than moving smoothly. They are still working on the project butter for the user to work more efficiently.

One of the major problems recognized worldwide is the fragmentation of the Google Android starting from the beginning. Wireless operators and device makers that sell tablets and Smartphones to consumers have not been able to keep up, which means that it would take several months for the devices to improve and get new updates. This is the big plus of Google engineers, since other cannot get new refreshes of software at all.

The Different Thoughts

According to David Burke, this is something to be taking more time and they have been working it internally in the development streamlines process and create the software into a more layered version.  The engineers are trying to make the Google Android more effective and efficient that also helps the entry level Smartphones to make use of the software. He added, that Android is still a baby and that there are thousands of ideas and thoughts that can be applied. He emphasized that the Google Android can be innovated and there are more to come.

According to Burke, when they layer the software, both the device makers and chipmakers will be able to create updates and pinch different software areas more quickly, speeding up the device updates.

Google proclaimed at Google I/O that they have started to support JetBrains’ IntelliJ as the developer tools for writing the Android software; however that bothered one programmer who utilizes Eclipse as the first developer tools for Android.

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