Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Is the Fastest-Selling Smartphone?

Sara Cunningham May 19, 2013 2
Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Is the Fastest-Selling Smartphone?

Due to the many Smartphone introduced today from the large technology maker companies, most people aren’t aware or even updated with regards to the fastest or best seller Smartphone among them. As usual the Samsung Electronics has been the leading manufacturer of Smartphone. This is the success of the company since another report today has revealed the glorious effect of Samsung Galaxy S4 to people because this Smartphone has passed a track as high as 10 million sales next week.  This report is not at all to be neglected or ignored since the figure is so much big in the history of selling devices.

Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Is the Fastest-Selling Smartphone 2

What About the Figures Not Precise?

However, the figure is not that precise but the statistics will be the one to confirm that. According to J.K Shin, the CEO of Samsung has told the whole South Korean people about the report. Despite the not that precise figure revealed to the public, and even though authorities will confirm the figure, still, CEO’s J.K Shin is very much confident that the said item will pass more than the said 10 million figure sales next week. These sales are the fastest is far, faster than S3.

Why Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Be the Best Seller?

As you can see, the Galaxy S3 was a success in the Samsung Company. Ever since it came out, there was a panic buying to people worldwide. Samsung was said to be the leading Smartphone maker among others. Samsung Galaxy S4 is the newly created and innovate Smartphone, and people are expecting too much for the unit, which is the right reaction. Samsung has made the unit better, fiercer, more powerful and pleasurable than S3. Therefore, that report is not new to Samsung getting more than 10 million sales for a week next week. Aside from that, the unit also has a lot of features designed for different kinds of people around the world.

The Statement Made by CEO

According to Shin, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still on track to be the world’s first 10 million devices to sell. For any comparisons, it took five months for Samsung to retail the 30 million Galaxy S3 devices. During March 14, there some kind of little over a year with the device to launch, the popular Company, Samsung has announced to sell out over 50 million with the S 3 devices.

The Samsung Company will continue to expect and the Galaxy S4 will continue to rise.

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