Canadian Market Share Help – BlackBerry New Phones

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Canadian Market Share Help – BlackBerry New Phones

BlackBerry is a Canadian nation phone. While Apple’s iPhone has decreased its market share on this country, this has taken advantage of Blackberry since it is its hometown. Raymond James, the research outfit says that the BlackBerry debut has gone a long way with regards to repairing the home market share after the company suffered from erosion over the past years. As of the 2012’s fourth quarter, the Canadian market of the BlackBerry’s share topped out at a miserable 6 percent. However, by the 2013’s first quarter, it doubled, rising as high as 13.5 percent.

Canadian Market Share Help – BlackBerry New Phones 2

What Are the Reasons Behind This?

The BlackBerry Z10, which is the company’s latest all-touch handset, finally gave a table stake on Smartphone game, which the Apple and Google had expelled it. The BlackBerry Z10 had a physically powerful Canadian opening. According to the BlackBerry Company, the debut of the device was more than fifty percent better than other launching day among history within the country. Obviously, the device has booked enough of that early impetus to drive sustained market-share rewards, and at the present, with BlackBerry’s 2nd BB10 handset, the Qwerty-keyboard Q10 which was recently introduced in Canada, has been the country’s biggest technology company that is poised to regain more ground in its homeland.

The Testimonials

One testimonial stated that the Q10 is better than Z10 in terms of demand because BlackBerry is mainly and commonly for a keyboard purposes. When it comes to touch screen, there are Samsung and Apple.

The iPhone Nation

Make no error, most recently Canadian people prefer and is believed to be an iPhone nation— the Apple’s Smartphone has claimed to have a 40.1 percent of the market during the first quarter session of 2013. But, that is down from the certain figure, 44 percent share it detained during the fourth quarter sessions of 2012. If that movement continues, it might be that BlackBerry can get back not only the market share it lost within the country, but of course, including the national pride.

Since the managing director of BlackBerry in Canada, Andrew MacLeod, speak with the financial posts stated that Canada is amazingly important to the company simply because Canada is their home market. He added that it is also an incredibly strategic market for the company. According to the company, BlackBerry is strong and powerful in Canada and this relationship is believed to be unique, loyal with an everlasting amount of attention, resources and respect.

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