Apple Cleared the Issues About the Usage of U.S. Military Networks

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Apple Cleared the Issues About the Usage of U.S. Military Networks

There have been issues regarding the usage of Apple in military networks within the United States. The Pentagon just cleared the devices on Apple for use on networks, setting up a stage for the creator of iPads and iPhones in order to compete with BlackBerry and Samsung Electronics Co for sales in military.

Statement From Defense Department

The Defense Department has stated that there has been an approval with the use of Apple’s Cupertino-based product that is running iOS version on the mobile platform. The defense department has approved the California based products at Apple, Cupertino to run a version of the mobile platform iOS. On May.17, there has been a report from Bloomberg that Apple Inc, which becomes the world’s most valuable company in technology, has lost its summit investors. The statistics are called global poll. Chu has reported that the televisions of Bloomberg are in the loop.

Apple Cleared The Issues About the Usage of U.S. Military Networks 2

The Final decision

The decision, in due course may encourage a 3-way fight for a market long which are dominated by Waterloo, the Ontario-based BlackBerry. On May 2, the Pentagon has approved Suwon, which is the South Korean Samsung devices, on top of BlackBerry’s 10 Smartphones and Play Book tablets. The Pentagon has relied on the BlackBerry, which have constantly received a federal certification for protecting many sensitive data.

The Figures

The Defense Department has more than six hundred thousand mobile devices. According to the agency, it comes with a 470,000 from the BlackBerrys, while 41,000 for Apple products and devices running the Android’s operating system from Google at 8,700. Some of the Android products and Apple in use are not connected to networks for the military except for testing.

Samsung’s Assistance

The largest seller of Smartphones, Samsung for commercial use, has been working with the U.S. National Security Agency in order to create a Google’s Android secure version of the operating system along with its multiple layers of both hardware and software protection, according to the Samsung’s vice president Tim Wagner. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has released in April and will be the first Smartphone that use a new system, called Knox, according to the Samsung Company.

The military constantly stated in the press that the employees desire to have the versatility and flexibility for use in commercial products within the networks. It plans to make applications store for military mobile and appoint a contractor in order to build a system that may deal with as much as eight million devices.

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