Google Play Game Services for Android – What You Really Need

Sara Cunningham May 20, 2013 0

Of all the things the Google Company has announced, the Google play has always been the unfinished or fragmentary issue. This week, the service engineers called a meeting called the I/O developer conference to clear some issues. They constantly said that the Google play is still a baby, and that improvements are on-track. If you do not know what Google is equivalent, just think of it as like the Xbox live. In order for your games to have proper support, the service allows you to gain any accomplishments, host and find multiplayer games and oppose online leader boards. Cloud save is also supported. Of course, you are able to continue your game across many devices and not just for the android tablet, but throughout web-based games and iOS.

Google Play Game Services For Android 2

When a person knows anything about the multiple iOS and Android devices, this part is crucial. During the previous times, a lot of people avoid game which is lengthier on their phones, because re-doing on the tablets is what people avoid. Due to this newly planned version of the Google play, people can now take advantage of the service.

First of all, the Google Play Game Services are the names which are targeted at developers. For the players, the service is labelled as “Google+,” which is the name of the social network on Google. The games that support the service is present in a Google+ logo with their title screens, but it’s not apparent what this logo wants. The standard player may assume that the tapping of the logo is comparable to signing in Facebook. The achievement benefits are leader boards and cloud saves, which could be overlooked without problems

For that matter, Google+ is not a wildly admired network, at least for typical users. So once more, unless you know what integration Google+ provides, or you already an active user on the network, motivations something you need to check out. Finally, for the players that are paying attention in the service, there are no ways to find lists of games that support it. The Google Play Store does not have a section for sustaining games, and the service name is so generic that you have a hard time searching it with keywords.

For Google Play Game Services, its early days are hardly doomed. However, if the players do not take advantage, the developers may not bother fitting in with the service into their games, and because it makes people worried. This is too valuable of a gaming service to undergo from privacy issues and indistinct marketing.

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