Lenovo’s Smartphone Intel-powered K900 on Sale Now in China

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Lenovo’s Smartphone Intel-powered K900 on Sale Now in China

Lenovo has launched its vastly anticipated, latest K900, its Smartphone during the gala occasion just yesterday evening. The media and industry luminaries have gathered for a private at Haidian’s M-Space event, eager to obtain a peek of the flagship metal-clad that grabs attention for its category topping performance as its sleek and slim design. The K900 goes on sale throughout China this week, and will squash to added international markets throughout summer seasons.

Attention to Details

Lenovo’s K900 is said to be the major Smartphone in the world to influence the latest Intel® The Z2580 processor Smartphone, which is a core dual chip runs as fast as 2.0 GHz and makes use of the Intel’s hyper threading technology in order to boost the efficiency of the performance. In addition, the Intel-powered device features a Media Accelerator Intel Graphics engine that runs a Power VR 544MP2 SGX GPU, which triples performance for graphics over the preceding generation 1. This makes the model very responsive, particularly for the key functions like web- multi-tasking, application-switching and browsing.

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Its unibody design does make a bold statement for Lenovo. The stainless steel frame and sleek-cut, exudes both the strength and power, while the chassis of unibody maintains some sort of a low profile at approximately 6.9 mm, ensuring an elegant look and smooth feel.

As Smartphones have turned out to be omnipresent, customer demands summit devices have increased, with usability and design growing in significance. The K900 rearranges the bar on these features. The K900 comes with 6.9mm, which is the thinnest phone in its category by a broad edge and weighs 162g, making it a tool that inconspicuously slips into a handbag or jacket pocket. Made from a complex of stainless steel polycarbonate and alloy in a Unibody mold, the Lenovo K900 deals to look sharp and stay strong while keeping up its slim profile.


The camera for K900 stands out as one of the Smartphone’s most illustrious features. Given the other functions, Lenovo has fully repaired the camera, and transported a package that is just greater than the figure of its parts. Megapixels will be the initial specification that many users, which make out for digital cameras, and because the K900 comes with 13MP, it obviously ranks at the top of its class in this feature and merges this with an industry leading, Sony Exmor BSI sensor.

Availability and Pricing

The K900 Smartphone will be available in China, and will be internationally available this summer.  The retail price will be RMB 3,299.

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