The Face and Object Recognition for Google Glass Update

Sara Cunningham May 20, 2013 0
The Face and Object Recognition for Google Glass Update

Matt Warman investigates how the excitement of people can change the world.  This week, the advanced tool from Google grabs the attention. Google Glass is the wearable computer that has the complete power of web which is literally within the field of every vision every conversation. Utilizing the screen to be found above the right eye of every wearer, the Google Glass can provide, for now, the search results, directions, reminders, emails and information without the need to reach out for a mobile phone. Let us be thankful for the voice-activated camera, ten second video and photo, which needs a simple verbal command to Google Glass to take photos and that is!

The Unique Innovations

Among the most hyped device made today, Google Glass is said to be the most advanced and exciting technology ever created, this is because Google has always been shy of allowing journalists to approach them. Distributed about $1,500 to a wide range of explorers which Google hopes to develop new software for them, the Google Glass is advertised as both the frightening and future prospect by the masses who barely know what they are.

The Face and Object Recognition For Google Glass Update 2

The Difference

The Google Glass is not a recording device of all time since it has a limited battery life, which means it could manage and would last about forty five minutes of nonstop filming, which is less than a mobile phone. However, during the Google’s I/O conference, fresh announcements were formed which pushed towards what this device can do in the future.

The Associates

Facebook, for example, has just announced about the current working on the app for the Glass. It is a social network that appoints technology in order to recognize who is in a photograph – take a video or a picture with the Glass and it possibly tell you who you are with, what you are doing and where you are. This will be the next step. Ebay is also working on the app which, to make people alert in the future for the cheaper options by recognizing what you are looking.

For that to happen Google Company should sell the Glass in cheaper rates – some experts estimated at least $200. The Google Glass must also relax the anxiety about the future privacy implications. That’s why the US senators have requested the company to give a good explanation towards the allowing of people for facial recognition which is believed to disrespect or break the personal privacy of every human.

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