The Madness of Google’s CEO Larry Page at Microsoft

Sara Cunningham May 21, 2013 0
The Madness of Google’s CEO Larry Page at Microsoft

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google took on a latest twirl this week, as the 2 companies blame each other of giving discriminating interoperability. While the rivalry is nothing new, the CEO of Google stated last Wednesday, towards the kicked off tirade of barbs during the annual developer conference of the company. It is where the madness lashed out at Microsoft and accused of hindering interoperability.

The Madness Details

During his spontaneous presentation at the Google I/O conference, Mr. Page criticized the opposing company, Microsoft for incorporating the Gmail chat or IM service into the newly updated, the but not allowing Google to do the same with its service. According to Page, the web is not that advanced as fast as it is expected. He added that they have been struggling companies as big as Microsoft. They wanted to be more open to both standards and to people and wanted both to be involved in the systems. A day later, Google smacked Microsoft a demand that it remove the Windows Phone 8 in YouTube app from the store for being a violator from the company’s terms of service.

The Madness of Google’s CEO Larry Page at Microsoft 2

The Big Question

The question still remains if this has a double standard, or if Google has a legitimate evidence or proof that the opposing company is tinkering the app by ad content blocking. The reality is that, both companies are guilty of hypocrisy when it comes to interoperability.  Nonetheless, the Microsoft Company remains to make strides for support designed for the platforms not from Redmond, most lately by reaching support for Apple’s iOS and Android. While that has not led a version of Office for mobile platforms, since many love to have seen at first-hand. The conference in Chicago, which was produced by the parent company, Redmond magazine, Microsoft has stepped up its mobile environments tooling, that includes offering of Windows Azure Mobile Services.

The Microsoft’s Part

Needless to say, this isn’t unselfishness here on the part of Microsoft. Both iOS and Android are by far the most extensively used platforms for tablets and phones these days. According to Sundar Pichai, The vice president of Google, Google has revealed over 900 million devices are running Android, and up from the 400 million last year at this time and approximately 100 million 2 years ago.

The Verdict

Therefore, it is the Microsoft’s interest to reach out those users to provoke further corrosion of the Office and Windows platforms. Simultaneously, Page should not speak on both sides of his mouth. If he wants interoperability, refine his approach is the best method and not the madness.

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