Samsung Galaxy S4 Series – The Revelation

Sara Cunningham May 21, 2013 2
Samsung Galaxy S4 Series – The Revelation

Samsung has just launched Samsung Galaxy S4 with much fanfare and hype. Being the leading Smartphone maker in the world, the flagship model is one of the best today. Its phone grabbed enough attention and has even won the label as the ‘Fastest and best seller Smartphone’. It is without a doubt that, Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an Octa Exynos or an 8 core processor.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to Be Generalized

Today, it appears as if, Samsung is deliberating to create something nothing but the best again and again. There has been a rumor about the plan of Samsung to make a series of devices that were all modelled after the popular, Samsung Galaxy S4. While almost all phones will be labelled under the name Samsung Galaxy S4, they will all come at different targets and functions at different markets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Series – The Revelation 2

 The Rumored Features Before the Launching

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is the first rumoured version. While the rumors initially suggested that the S4 Mini will launch together with the Samsung galaxy S4, the rumors soon put to rest. But, the rumors revived once again with the report of the S4 Mini to be launched by the end of this month. It will come with great features, the same thing with Samsung Galaxy S4 but will have a price in a more financial plan manner.

The Rumored Brilliant Camera

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will be the next in line. No doubt, Samsung always has a great camera. Rumors revealed that it comes with a brilliant camera. Samsung has introduced brilliant camera software such as GIF images, images with sound, dual shot mode, images with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and many more. But, with the Samsung Galaxy Zoom, it comes with a camera intensive phone that takes all best features into the next level. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, will be the camera-special phone to come with amazing photography features and a 16 MP camera.

The Design

Samsung Galaxy S4’s rocky variant is Samsung Activ. The designed to take is on Sony’s Xperia Z, which is said to be dust-proof and waterproof. While the images of the phone are not yet to be seen online, the Bluetooth tests and phone specifications have already leaked.

Samsung, the formerly struggling manufacturer from South Korea, shot to immediate renown with their variety of Galaxy Smartphones and planned planning when it comes to offerings, price-points and market sensibilities. Samsung’s biggest achievement will be the continuation of their Galaxy range of phones.

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