Want to Get Booted From the App Store? Simply ‘Bang With Friends’

Sara Cunningham May 21, 2013 0
Want to Get Booted From the App Store? Simply ‘Bang With Friends’

We may need to call it “Banned With Friends.” After debuting the latest mobile last week for the unidentified friend banging, this iOS version of Bang With Friends or as abbreviated, the BWF was removed from the App Store by Apple. The BWF has debuted in January and rapidly took off in fame. The idea is simple: The users will log in to Facebook and choose what friends they wish to bang. Only the friends that have mutually been selected can show-up in a “down to bang” line.

Want to Get Booted From the App Store Simply 'Bang With Friends' 2

What the Apps Asserts

The app asserts more than one million users, even supposing it’s not without its allocation of controversy. In addition to the questions about the creepy factor, the secrecy of users has come with questions. Earlier this month, it turns out to be possible to discern if some of your friends had registered for the Facebook service. A mobile edition for Android and iOS debuted last week.

The Android Version

While the Android version is still obtainable, the users of the iPhone are directed to this page, which pledges that the app will be back “sooner or later.” Colin Hodge, the BWF co-founder and CEO told the Valleywag regarding his work to get it back in the store, verifying that Apple has made the boot app.

While Apple is definitely not a stranger for kicking some apps, out of the store that appear to infringe a variety of rules on pornography, sexuality and nudity — whether deserving or not deserving— there has been a verdict that the substance of the app is essentially the problem. Grinder had an iPhone app for many years and it’s not greatly different from the BWF, aside from the Facebook direct connection. Ashley Madison, likewise, knows that a service encourages unfaithfulness between spouses, has had an iPhone app and features even a “nearby” concept for better relocation targeting.

In no doubt, the BWF is frat-tastic and crass, but the question still remains, is it worth to be banned? We have reached out the Apple for important information on the ban.

The Judgements

Since Apple has not stated or gave some feedback with regards to these issues. The points are clear for those who think the BWF is deserving or not deserving for the ban. Since this has been a co0ntroversy, experts think to temporarily ban the apps before final judgement. Further investigation will be proposed before the release of the statement.

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