Intel’s New Android Beacon Mountain– What You Need to Know

Sara Cunningham May 21, 2013 0
Intel’s New Android Beacon Mountain– What You Need to Know

Intel has just announced its release of the Beacon Mountain. This is an Android development environment. You may be wondering why someone needs other Android development environment? The Atom will be the only answer.

The Reality

First of all, most people forget the fact that Android is based on Java and is fairly an independent platform. What you have to do is to obtain a specific flavor of Linux that use a running fresh hardware and some apps follow. Certainly, at the moment, most devices of Android are ARM based, but what makes Intel unique is the fact that the company is working hard. They wanted to have a new Atom processor that has definite characteristics to make it suitable for any mobile devices to be more sensible and practical at the same time.  The company also focus that the device runs on the atom.

Intel’s New Android Beacon Mountain– What You Need To Know 2

What the Project Is All About

This is a project designed for a long term basis. The Beacon Mountain is a fraction of the overall system. With Intel Android, it makes it easier for the developers to work. It is indeed a development environment and not only an IDE. You need to use the Beacon Mountain and Eclipse plugin to develop code.

What Beacon Mountain Offers

Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager sets up and works. This runs approximately x86 Android versions with hardware support, however, only the machine supports the Intel VT. Despite this information, there are other libraries and utilities being provided. First is the Threaded Building Blocks, Graphics Performance Analyzers, and usual Android SDK elements. But, when you make use of Java, it is without a doubt that your code will work under the OS images of Intel Android or ARM.

How Important Is This?

It all relies on the amount of Intel Android tablets and phones that hit the market and the amount of the people who bought. From the point of view of end-user, this Atom-based would be similar as an ARM-based Android in terms of the apps. However, apps that broke out the Java and utilizes the native code would not run without being available as the Intel version, so there is a little risk of some incompatibilities.

If the figures of Intel Android devices start to increase, the Beacon Mountain can play a significant role in obtaining the support they need from the developers. For the moment, it is one example of Intel concealing its interesting products behind the lack of documentation and promotion.

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