Advice for Developers About the Google Glass Offers

Sara Cunningham May 21, 2013 0
Advice for Developers About the Google Glass Offers

Despite the fact that the apps are reliable, Timothy Jordan who is Google’s senior developer advocate has shared some important tips for developers who want to build the Google Glass in a session during the Google I/O conference. It consists of what you should and should not do. Developers have also learned Glass Developer Kit or GDK for their future apps building. He stated that the Glass is under the review. Therefore, the issues have not been settled yet.  The plan may change, the rules may shift and the landscape can still be modified.

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Since Google has shared something in the public or is a public figure technology company, the Google Glass supports 3 main gestures: a tap to the device, a motion (head motion, not eyes), and the voice commands, like “Okay, Glass” as the opening.

Apps for Sharing

Until now, most people have commented towards the limited abilities in sharing photos that were taken by the Glass along with other updates on social-networking sites. It has been recommended to go to Gmail or Google+. Jordan announced today the new launch of new apps that includes Twitter and Facebook. Additional partners that include Tumblr, CNN and Evernote were also announced. In other words, they will finally begin to see applications that were developed by the brains which are not that tight in the Google doctrine.

Full-Load Advice

The tips from the sessions included some information about how the developers will hit the user’s experience, but sometimes, they felt heavy loaded. The first one is the design of glass, this means the making use of the gestures being provided and understood the familiarity Google is trying to produce for the user.

Delete vs. Dismiss

A strange point which Jordan made was challenged faced by one audience member, referred that developers can permit users to either delete or dismiss any information from an app. The dismiss option is strongly preferred.


Google Glass uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 640-by-360. Some specs were obtainable to attendees during the conference session, though these are all openly available to the developers, with the additional resources that range from the Stack Overflow developer site, GitHub for project-sharing and idea generation, and Google-glass-api.

Google is a big company and has been supportive of their consumers. Despite the fact that the Google Glass has faced some issues, they already prepared tips to follow in order to operate the gadget well.

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