Reports of Retail “Google Stores” Coming to a Place Near You are Swirling

Heidi Speare February 17, 2013 Comments Off on Reports of Retail “Google Stores” Coming to a Place Near You are Swirling


A new rumor has the media swirling over whether Google will be opening retail “Google Stores” in the United States to flaunt its ever-expanding product lines.



9to5Google has cited that they have a reliable source when stating that Google is currently working on opening a few Google Stores located in metropolitan regions of the United States.

The same report has also claimed that Google has expedited their plans to launch Google Stores to give consumers a taste of Google products, enable them to try out  their products, and then follow through with purchasing the products through the physical retail stores.

In some Best Buy stores Google has “mini stores”, and also at some retail electronic stores in the U.K. Ever since these stores came about there has been great speculation that it was a prerequisite to Google launching full retail stores of their own. Not only would these stores boost Google’s products branding, but it would also be a sure-fire way to display Google’s new products.

Although 9to5Google is claiming to have gotten this report from credible resources, Google continues to deny any legitamacy to these claims citing that they have no intention to open a Google Store or becoming a retailer.

We won’t hold our breath on this one as Google rumors in the past such as this one have been shot down by Google reps, only to become a reality shortly after denial. We will just have to wait and see if  Google surprises us by the Holidays 2013, won’t we? It would not be the first time Google has spooked us, if it does come to fruition.

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