Yahoo’s New Image Branding May Employ the Likes of Tumblr

Jasmina Lozevska May 20, 2013 0
Yahoo’s New Image Branding May Employ the Likes of Tumblr

Not very long ago, it was rumored that Yahoo is interesting in purchasing Hulu for upgrading its streaming service. We didn’t hear anything which showed that this deal happened but we have some new information about new acquisition. This new speculation involves Tumblr and Yahoo making a deal for remaking Yahoo’s image.

Yahoo is looking for some options for purchasing Tumblr for making its image service better. It was rumored that the deal was about to happen this weekend or the following week. Yahoo’s CFO, Goldman, has said that the next thing that they are focused at, is the attracting the attention of young people. The board of directors are about to meet to discuss if this purchase is good for them and will Yahoo cash $1.1 billion for making itself a parent company to Tumblr.

As an independent company, Tumblr by far has some impressive numbers behind itself. It has around 100 million unique visitors every month and over 90 million blog posts each day. As the numbers show, they are moving well into its market and it’s something that Yahoo lacks at the moment. The revenue is not bad at all. They were able to make $13 million back in 2012 but this number is much higher reaching $100 because they were able to include some ads into its product.


Tumblr will fit really well into Yahoo there is no doubt about that. Yahoo is spending its time for making their way into the mobile market and on the other hand Tumblr is doing just great in that area. Some reports have shown that this company was able to receive 4 times bigger mobile usage this year. This has become equal to the Web usage.

It will be huge step for the both companies and there will be a long road ahead to make this profitable for the either side. If this purchasing happens, Tumblr will bring additional 100 million users into the Yahoo’s side. Yahoo will face a fast growing orbit but it’s a big company and I’m pretty sure that they could handle it. Some analysts already made their prediction that if Tumblr makes a way into Yahoo it will become the newest MySpace platform for users.

Still, it’s up to Tumblr to decide if it will take the step of bringing its stuff to Yahoo’s headquarters.

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