Reports State DirecTV Is Interested in Purchasing Hulu

Alex Bezeau May 21, 2013 0
Reports State DirecTV Is Interested in Purchasing Hulu


Maybe Hulu is known as a small company that offers video streaming service but as it seems, many other bigger companies are trying to purchase it. It’s making you believe that Hulu maybe hides something under its offices that makes the other companies that are in the streaming service really attracted to. Yahoo tried to buy Hulu a month ago but nothing came up with that deal. Now DirecTV wants to make Hulu part of its company.

When we reported about Yahoo and Hulu back then, Hulu’s CEO was loud and clear at his saying that his company is not for selling. As it seems, the competitors into the big market are not so interested into a CEO’s saying and they are continuing to pursue what they want to be theirs. This new speculation includes the satellite provider called DirecTV and as was said it wants to by Hulu with all its parts and stuff.

This comes after one source close to the owners said that this company for video streaming service will go out for sale because Walt Disney and Comcast weren’t able to reach an agreement for what to do with the company. This service started really big because some great companies were declared as owners. Only these two remained as its official owners and as it seems, they have a slight disagreement of the future for Hulu.



This is not the first time DirecTV tried to to buy Hulu. Back in 2011, this satellite TV provider tried to make offer for purchasing this streaming platform but at that day Walt Disney and Comcast brought a conclusion that they want to make this platform bigger and remained as an independent company. After two years of not improving anything, Hulu is on the line again for purchasing and maybe this time is crucial.

There are no details how much will be offered this time for purchasing the company because both Hulu and DirecTV hasn’t revealed anything connected to this rumor. Like I said earlier, there was some interest coming from Yahoo for purchasing this streaming platform and right after this, Amazon has showed some interest for purchasing Hulu.

Maybe it’s time for these two companies which are Hulu owners to let their company go because they are not doing anything to make it better. It doesn’t matter which company will take the end of it, but it’s important that it will make it competitive again on the market.

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