200 Million People Use Google Translate Each Day

Heidi Speare May 20, 2013 1


While everyone is still excited about wearing Google Glass and looking fancy and some new interesting features were launched, at the I/O developer’s conference an interesting thing was reported. This involves a fact concerning the use of Google Translate and how language barriers can be crushed with the help of this service.

Believe it or not, this translate service that was launched back in 2006, now has a support of numerous languages which are used a billion times a day. That makes a total number of 200 million people using the Google Translate. This seems to help people a lot after all, and this information was revealed by Josh Estelle, who has been working on this translate platform for about 7 years now. He said that most people, 92% to be precise, are using the Google Translate outside from the U.S. Over the years, this has received many updates such as, the addition of more languages, Web addresses, support for several browsers and some other slight improvements. When this has started back in 2006 there were few languages included. In 2007 some third-party system has replaced the present tech and the total number of languages was 13. In 2008, the total number of languages was 34 and for the first time we were enabled to translate any language to every other. Today there are 71 languages available.



The growing key area for this service was the availability to mobile devices. You could now translate text even taken from a phone camera. And Estelle has said that there are even better things to be done in near future. Some areas that Google will be focused in future will be:

  • More available languages
  • Better quality of the translations
  • Ubiquity
  • Real-time communication.

The latest innovation is attracting more attention. Google is looking forward into including real communication method that will enable different people use multilanguage among them. Estelle hasn’t revealed any more details about it but I know that when it comes out it will be a huge thing.

I’m not so addicted to Google Translate but sometime I open it just to write some sentence and see how it will look like on some other language. I have used the Chinese language so far and wrote a birthday note to my friend. To this day I have no idea if the translation was correct. However, Google Translate has grown really big and according to this last report it does not have any intention of stopping here.

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