Apple Planning to Develop New MacBook Air

Sara Cunningham May 20, 2013 0
Apple Planning to Develop New MacBook Air

As our thoughts are focused towards Apple’s new streaming music service and the new iPhone, something new has showed up. This must have something to do with the launching of new Haswell processors from Intel, which is the main processor manufacturer for Apple. This report shows that Apple is set to launch its new MacBook Air next month.

There are few suggestions that maybe predict this new launch by Apple. Some retailer stores are already out of stock for the latest model of this MacBook Air and there are only few that are still offering it. Amazon, MacMall, B&H are those which cleared its stock and this MacBook Air is still available on Best Buy. This very often means that there is a new device right around the corner and some refreshment will follow through. Now, our focus is turned at the developer’s conference which is scheduled for 10-14 of June. This is the perfect time for releasing a new device and maybe this one will make its debut.

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The big question is now – will this new device include the breathtaking Retina display technology or it will remain on the same level. Like you already know, MacBook Air is well known by its thickness, so this will mean there’s a big challenge ahead of Apple in giving its best into designing the thickest device ever. The trick will be in the battery, if the developers succeed to include the large battery into the remaining space and still not making it big, this product will be something that it’s worth having.

This is not the first time that we hear some umors about this new device. Last month, Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that new MacBook could be launched at WWDC this year. He said that he believes the only change will be the new fast Haswell processor which will be even a better replacement for the current Ivy Bridge. This new processor will be launched on June 3.

When asked if this new device will feature the Retina display, he said that this will not happen for this model. He said that we will see a new MacBook Pro which will include this display technology later this year. If we take a look at the last year’s WWDC and a year before that, we can see that this conference is the perfect place for launching a new product. Last year Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro with a 15-inch Retina display.

Like I’ve said it before, it’s about time Apple releasing some new devices that will hit the market and refresh its line. I’m already looking forward to this event and I expect that this product will be launched with a Retina display. That will make it even more perfect.

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