Yahoo Going Forward in 1.1 billion Purchase of Tumblr

Sara Cunningham May 21, 2013 0
Yahoo Going Forward in 1.1 billion Purchase of Tumblr

Just like we said earlier, Yahoo’s board of directors will have a meeting in order to decide if they will offer $1.1 billion for purchasing Tumblr and they will have the final decision by today. Here we are now, seeing the official statement which came from Yahoo is that the board of directors has approved this acquisition and they are going forward after Tumblr.

Reports say Yahoo already made its bid for purchasing this blog site and maybe we will see the official acquisition unveiled at the already scheduled product event which will take place at New York City. The person who will be the main speaker at this event is Marissa Mayer and some mysterious product will be revealed. It will happen at 5 p.m. ET and all the invites has been already given to the media and Yahoo expects everyone who is invited to be part of this event. There are no details about this new product so far but there is no need for that also because we will witness it with our own eyes. The big question now is: Is there any possibility that Tumblr will be this new product?


Well, there are some rumors floating around the web which are saying Tumblr has already accepted the bid from Yahoo and we will see this company as part of Yahoo in very near future. We hope Yahoo will be finally satisfied with the purchase outcome because it was struggling with its mobile service as long as it exists. Tumblr has a great reputation among users and nearly 100 million unique visitors will be transferred to Yahoo if this acquisition becomes truthful.

This purchase will be the biggest move so far for the present CEO Marissa Mayer and with this move, Yahoo will generate even more users and in other words, that is higher revenue numbers at the end of the year. Maybe Yahoo doesn’t need those 100 million unique visitors that Tumblr has to offer. There is more gain in the mobile service, because not so long ago, Tumblr’s CEO has announced that their mobile service is producing more and more day-by-day and as it seems this service is growing very fast.

This will be a great fit for Yahoo, there is no doubt about that, but we shared couple of questions yesterday: Will Yahoo make this service like MySpace and will Marissa Mayer succeed into her goal to make Yahoo available on every device possible? We are already focused to see what will be revealed on this event later this day.

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