Fugitive Taunted Police Officials through Facebook Message – Gets Caught Quickly

Sara Cunningham May 22, 2013 0

Facebook can be a really dangerous place if you have broken the law and you mock the Police after that. This has been proven lately, as a fugitive thought he is really brave to taunt the police through Facebook. He must be some special kind of brave for doing this because if you are fugitive and you don’t want to be found by the police, identifying yourself on Facebook is not exactly your first choice.

We are talking about a 19-year-old person who didn’t even bother to post the taunting on its personal Facebook page. Instead, he responded to the “wanted” section on the official Facebook page of the police using its real identity. This led to catching him, of course, and there is still no explanation why he did that.  This happened in England, Rochdale, and the name of the fugitive is Sam Greenwood. There is a possibility that Sam didn’t know what the Rochdale police is capable of. They were able to catch him for less than 12 hours while he was walking down a street.


It kind of seems that his favorite movie was “Catch me if you can” starring Leonardo Di Caprio because this is exactly what he wrote on the wall of the police Facebook page. And the police responded to him that he is talented young person that doesn’t need to waste his life in prison.

This is not the only taunting that we have seen on Facebook. A fugitive from New York has tried to mock the police the same way. Even more, this man was on the top 10 most wanted people in New York and he challenged the police to catch him. The situation had the very same ending. This criminal was caught later that same day and the message which was posted by him was deleted shortly after that.

This is perhaps a clear message for other people around the world who are hiding from the police that playing smart in front of the police is not something that you should do. Maybe these previously mentioned people wanted the life in prison so they have decided to make their life entertaining with challenging the police on Facebook. It’s definitely not a smart decision to mock the police on some social network. It underestimates them and finally, they will find you and put you behind bars.

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