Xbox Next: What Can We Expect Tomorrow

Alex Bezeau May 22, 2013 0
Xbox Next: What Can We Expect Tomorrow


The day that we have all been waiting for is finally here. The new Xbox from Microsoft will finally be launched and it’s here just in right time to crush the competition. I know that this information will not be great for everyone but the gamers will be counting the minutes until tomorrow. It’s a perfect time for making predictions what we can expect from this new gaming console.

As you already know, the competition showed of their cards with launching their products and we’ve all been questioning when Microsoft will make this step. At the official event tomorrow, that will be held in a tent outside of Microsoft Company, this new Xbox, as it  Infinity, will be presented as the next generation gaming console which will offer something more than just playing games.

Some analysts have already made their predictions about it and from all of them, we can see that this new Xbox will have extremely fast processor and big memory space. While we are at it, this memory capacity maybe will be upgradable with external memory if you are not satisfied with the offer. But as the reports show, there will be plenty of space because some new features will require that. Microsoft is known by its big network support and there is no question that the multiplayer experience will be brought to a whole new level. It will be faster, more stable and it will provide quality like it’s never seen before.


A week ago, we heard a statement by a person close to Microsoft’s plans that this platform will be entertaining for the gamers and those who are not so into the gaming experience.

Along with the upgraded gaming experience, there will be some other features included in it. These will attract the most of the attention tomorrow when this product will be revealed. Some speculations are saying that this event will be the perfect time for sharing all the details for the streaming service that this new Xbox will offer. The Xbox line is already partnering with some big TV streaming services and maybe Microsoft will introduce more of those. And there are some indications that Skype will be included in it also. This will enable the gamers to video-chat with other gamers while gaming and will open some new possibilities for communication even when they are not playing any game on it.

There have been some speculations that this gaming console will require Web connectivity all the time and it will be the crucial part when you install a game on it. This was cleared few days after it came up and it was said that these rumors are false.

We can expect a new design, as well and brand new way for controlling this gaming console. Maybe the controlling feature will have something to do about with the new Kinect technology that has made its breakthrough in 2010. If you haven’t heard of it so far, this is a new type of controller which has motion-sensing and voice recognizing features. Awesome right? I know that this made your eyes wide open and you desperately want to see this controller on your Xbox. I know I want it.

There are plenty other rumors but we chose these like possible for the new platform. Microsoft has declined to post any comments about this but informed all of us to stay tuned for further details and watch tomorrow’s event. With the launching of this new product, officially the console battle has begun and I’m betting my money on Xbox that it will remain on the top.

Cant’ wait for it!

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