Google Checkout to be Phased Out in Next 6 Months

Alex Bezeau May 22, 2013 0
Google Checkout to be Phased Out in Next 6 Months


Sad news coming from Google, but only if you are a Google Checkout user. Their official blog has a post saying that this feature will be officially done in 6 months. This company has tried its best with this feature but it’s now considered to be done and the minds and efforts are currently focused towards Google Wallet.

If you didn’t meet Google Wallet by now, this is a platform that enables you, as a merchant, to meet all the criteria and demands on a screen from where you can shop in the stores sitting comfortably in your home, on your couch, through your mobile device.  Last week, Google has made an upgrade to Google Wallet making it easier to handle and simpler to integrate. Google has promised that the developers will continue to be supported by transferring them to Google Wallet Merchant Center. This transition will be completed in few weeks from now.

So this will mean that Google Checkout users will continue to accept their payments through this platform but until 20th of November, this year. On the official blog, Google has explained that if users don’t have payment which is in process, they’ll need to find some other solution in the next few months. This is for the users out of US. For the users who are in the US area, Google Wallet is the best platform on which they should transfer because it offers the fastest and best buying experience.



For the shoppers, this will mean continued usage of Google Wallet for making their wanted purchases on the merchant sites and applications. They just need to search for the Google Wallet button.  Google has promised that in future they will try to make payments more secure and safe because that is what the users need.

At the end of the blog post, Google thanked all the shoppers and merchants that have used this Google Checkout and they will do anything that is possible for making their business grow through the new Google Wallet.

That’s how it is at the big companies like Google. They force some platform that’s made by them, they discover something else and new which needs more work and something that will be more productive for them and for you and they focus towards it, while putting an end to the first platform. You should follow them and transfer to Google Wallet because plenty of upgrades will follow.

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