Lighter iPad 5 May be Ready to Ship by July

Jasmina Lozevska May 22, 2013 0
Lighter iPad 5 May be Ready to Ship by July

If you have read all of our reports and rumors that we wrote on our site, you must know by now that Apple is preparing something big to stay at the top of the tablet market. Some latest rumors are saying that this new lighter and thinner iPad 5 will hit the stores by July and it will be revealed in June. We all want to see that happening because iPad 5 will be something that you’ll want in your hands.

The iPad generation of tablets has been always perfect in every inch and from any standpoint. But we will all agree that the latest models, the iPad 4 and iPad Mini, are the best things that ever happened to this market. As we heard, the iPad Mini will be the main focus of Apple to make the next generation iPad just like it but with a 9.7-inch display instead.

A source close to the company’s future plans has said that we can expect this new iPad 5 to be about 30% lighter than its predecessor. So, if we calculate the weight of the last iPad 4, this new device will weight approximately 440 grams. That is really godo for a tablet and you will feel that you are not carrying anything when you want to move to a different location.


The trick that will make this device a lot thinner and lighter is that Apple will use thinner glass which will be made almost perfect with a new sensor tech. Some other reports are suggesting that smaller LED backlight will be included beside this thinner glass. Of course, Retina display will be included as well, and some better graphics and processor. The shipments are expected to hit big numbers right away and some sources are exposing their expectations of this new iPad 5. They are saying that Apple will ship up to 3 million devices until September. If you find this unbelievable, just take a look at the numbers of shipments that the iPad Mini had a year ago. If it’s made similar to it, then who wouldn’t want to be a proud owner of a lot thinner and lighter iPad 5?

Apple didn’t share any comments about this because, as you know, this company is not going to share any comments on speculations and rumors. If this report appears to be true, then we can expect some big things happening with Apple in near future. As it seems, every month it will release some new devices and features. Until now, we heard that iPad Mini, iPad 5, iPhone Mini, iPhone 5S and iPhone Math might be on their way into producing and the most rumored Apple iRadio is scheduled to be launched somewhere this year.

It will be busy period for Apple, but will the iPad 5 be the first device that will start Apple’s device chain? Time will tell.

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