New and Improved Flickr Announced by Yahoo

Heidi Speare May 22, 2013 0


We have already told you yesterday that Yahoo will be holding an event that it is supposed to present a new feature. There isn’t anything new launched but people at Yahoo were able to improve the Flickr as Yahoo tries to make this feature awesome and bring it closer to the people. Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer held the event and as it seems, she was really grateful of the work that has be done.

There were several changes made to this new Flickr feature. At first glance, you can notice that the design is completely changed. It has been made easier to use. One of the best things that have been done is the ability to upload your photos with the original full resolution. And you don’t need to worry anymore about the storage capacity because Flickr has become the first platform out there that enables you 1TB free storage capacity.

Beside these changes, Yahoo has been able to do something better concerning some other platforms. It has made several changes and completely redesigned the Android applications for the tablets and smartphones. This comes after Yahoo launched the Flickr app for iOS based devices.



There has been a chatter that Mayer wants to make Yahoo a more mobile based feature and as it seems, she slowly advances to that. The other thing that was the main focus in the past few days became reality. At the event, we could notice the Tumblr CEO David Karp and it was announced that Tumblr has accepted the $1.1 billion bid from Yahoo and the deal was concluded. Both of them didn’t share more details about this and what will this acquisition mean in future but maybe we will be able to know something more about it in the upcoming days. So far, we only that David Carp will remain as CEO of this company and Tumblr & Flickr will remain to operate like separate services.

The SVP Adam Cahan said that Flickr now has 89 million people supporting this feature and these people were able to upload more than 8 billion photos to its site. These numbers are not something that needs to be left aside and Flickr has quickly become a great image platform. He expects that in this next year Flickr will have 881 billion images uploaded. Maybe he has high expectations but if we see that Yahoo has couple of billion followers on the Web, this number is not so big.

Mayer has mentioned that she and her company don’t want to make Tumblr go away and they will leave everything like it is. But she did said something that would make many New Yorkers content. She said that Yahoo is opening a new office in NYC and it will have 500 employees which will be followed by 200 hires in the future.

At the end, Mayer sat down for Q&A alongside with Markus Spiering and Adam Cahan.

This is a great thing for Yahoo moving towards the mobility and attracting the younger people. This brought the company to a whole new level into for competing with its arch rivals like Google and some others. The only thing that remains now is to make Flickr and Tumblr work as they should and attract more and more customers.

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