Xbox One has been Unveiled at Today’s Event

Jasmina Lozevska May 22, 2013 1
Xbox One has been Unveiled at Today’s Event

Like we’ve announced yesterday, the new Xbox has been finally unveiled. Rumors were suggesting that this new gaming console will be called Infinity but as we were able to see the full name of this next generation console is Xbox One. As Microsoft said earlier, this platform is made for everyone. Not only for the gamers but for the non-gamers with the added features like live TV and Skype. But these are only two features that this Xbox One will offer you.

When Microsoft’s President for entertainment hit the stand at the event, he said that they wanted to build something that will offer different all-in-one experience that will look more like a home entertainment system. To be honest, from what I could see at first glance, Microsoft has succeeded in every inch and made the Xbox One the perfect device that you must have in your home.

The things that were revealed are so many and we’ll keep them for some other review. Things that you need to know initially are that the design is perfect and it’s made black, it’s a very smooth and large device. The controller that will help you and walk you through the gaming experience is redesigned also. Microsoft representatives said that this is the best connected way which can link games, TV and other entertainment stuff in just one device.


As for the home entertainment stuff, they have promised that you will feel emotionally attached to it and it will offer you controlling by gestures. There are some gestures included like grab, swipe, and pan when watching live TV. There are some features like minimizing and maximizing the screen. There is Cable TV coming as a part of the package and you can watch it through the HDMI port. If gestures are not enough for you, what about voice commands? Yes, voice commands will help you do anything you want like making conversations on Skype, while you are watching a game on your couch – you just need to give the command to your Xbox to bring up the stats and some other stuff.

The specs are off the chain. This new Xbox includes an 8-core processor powered by 8 GB of RAM. If you felt a lack of storage capacity in the previous versions this new Xbox One offers you 500GB HDD. It includes 3 operating systems in 1: Xbox, Windows Kernel (similar to Windows RT), and a Multitasking interface.

New, completely redesigned Kinect is included here and it has some improved accuracy. You can find the 1080p camera also included here alongside with the Skype connectivity. This camera is not just like the ordinary camera which we can find on other devices – this one reads and understands your movements like a skeleton and it reads your heartbeat. How cool is that?


The new controller has a battery, better and more accurate D-pad plus improved triggers. The design is not very much different but it has some more tweaks which will help any gamer experience gaming in a whole other level.

Xbox Live is here for a while but now it’s very much improved than the last time. It runs now on 300,000 servers around the globe for providing the best experience on the Xbox One.

If you’re asking yourself now: What about games? – Microsoft has made a promise that they will launch 11 games on this platform with the official release at the stores. 8 of them will be completely new franchises that will start with the Xbox One.

TV service on your Xbox? – We can immediately thank them for that. Microsoft has released a brand new role of the Xbox as a TV platform offering some products which are specially designed for this gaming surface.  They even brought up the great Steven Spielberg for announcing the new Halo TV series which will have its launch officially on the Xbox One.

There you have it. Further details and reviews follow soon. Until then, you just need to know that this platform will be made available later this year but that means that we will have our hands on it soon Better sooner than never. The price and specific date will have to wait. For now, you know everything that you need to know about this new Xbox One.

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