CTIA Wireless Show Today: Verizon’s Press Conference

Jasmina Lozevska May 23, 2013 0
CTIA Wireless Show Today: Verizon’s Press Conference

Verizon is one of the few companies which are holding a CTIA conference. This event is Wireless show and is scheduled for today at 11 o’clock PT and as it seems, Verizon will bring something that is prepared for quite some time. There is not certain information about it and what will be launched but we will inform you when this press conference ends.

This CTIA Wireless conference is going to officially start today and few companies will take part at it. From what we can see, it will be a quiet conference and the only focus is turned towards the Verizon’s announcement.

This carrier was very quiet about the future plans and what confuses me the most is that no rumors were showed off before this event. Verizon must had a great plan on how to lay low for quite some time to distance itself from all the rumors that is surrounded by. But, we didn’t sit there and wait this to happen we had some chatter among us and predict some interesting facts for what will be presented here. Some of my colleagues have predicted the same thing. Remember that we used to talk about the new Nokia 928 and how it will be officially carried by Verizon? – Well that’s the main opinion right here and we may expect that this phone will be officially launched here at this event.

Some others have said that some additional updates will be brought up that will include some new carrier plans. But those who were for the new Nokia launch, has not accepted this as a possibility because there is no need for that.

Dan Mead, President & CEO of Verizon Wireless addresses attendees during the International CTIA WIRELESS Conference & Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana

At the same show which happened last year, AT&T took part into the headliners and this carrier has revealed its Digital Life house along with the newest strategy for enabling the monitoring service plus the home security plans. Verizon maybe thinks of following this example and release its own plans for these services. But we can only guess what will happen until we see what will be launched. However, this show will be great to watch especially the part where Verizon will take the stand.

You can tune in live at 11 PT to see what Verizon has in mind.

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