Logitech Launches Impressive Wired Keyboard for iPad

Jasmina Lozevska May 23, 2013 1
Logitech Launches Impressive Wired Keyboard for iPad

Logitech always knows how to impress others with its innovations. This time, the focus was turned towards Apple’s iPad and making a keyboard that makes the using of the tablet more handy and easy. Some reports say that the main target for this device is the education market.

The special thing about this keyboard is that in order to work, you must connect it with a cable. It’s the first wired keyboard device that I’ve ever seen for the iPad and to be honest, beside the fact that it looks just like an ordinary keyboard, it feels like it’s taking the writing and experience to a whole different level. This keyboard represents the first device which is made especially for the classroom and the students that will use it will be really satisfied with the experience.

The design of it is really strict and I can say that it uses the trademark that this company is pushing in its market. It’s white and it lies on a green base and this combination seems to be perfect. In order to start using it, you need to plug the cable into the lightening or the other 30-pin connector of the iPads. Logitech has said that this keyboard is built to last longer and you can to never quit typing on it. It comes with 3 year warranty and it comes without a battery. The connector cable attached to the iPad is taking the care of it.


Normally, full size keys are included for better experience in the typing. When you attach it, the onscreen keyboard is automatically lost and it offers more space for the learning methods. Logitech also said that it’s spill resistant. While typing you’ll need the copy and paste features right? – Well you don’t need to worry about that and you can use the integrated shortcuts.

For over 30 years now, Logitech is known as a leader into the keyboard innovations and for so many years it offers superior quality on its devices. The price for this keyboard is $60 and is set to start shipping in August (lightening version) and October (30-pin version). If schools are going to buy this keyboard, Logitech promised that it will give them a pretty nice discount for buying multiple keyboards.

It’s a challenge, no doubt about it – especially the fact that it uses a wired connectivity feature and we are already used to the wireless connections. Logitech promises that it will bring the iPad experience and learning process to a new level and this will mean that the kids will connect their keyboard without the teachers help and connectivity flops.

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