Quauntenna Announces First Quad-Stream Chipset

Sara Cunningham May 23, 2013 0

This is just another indicator of where the technology is headed. Quauntenna Communications has taken the Wi-Fi chipset ability to another level with releasing something new today in its domain.

This company is the first out there to release a new 802.11ac chipset and it has a speed up to 1.7Gbps. Can you even imagine how fast that would be? – This is 400 Mbps faster than the latest version of the router. This new version will be called QSR1000 and it will support new 4×4 MU-MIMO standards. Until now, we were able to see devices that are using standard streaming setup. But this is something that will take you to another level. It will access your desired location before even you will think to access it. Don’t take me for granted with this previous saying I just want to tell you how fast it is supposed to be.

According to the company, this new chipset included into the router supports the new Wave 2 specs and it came out like a great combination of a MIMO tech and DDB (dynamic digital beamforming). This means that 4K HD streams will be a piece of cake for it and it can provide faster connection for any connected device to it within your home. You just need to have a device that will support quad-stream and you will feel the advantage of the amazing 1.7Gbps speed.


If you don’t have an idea where to find this kind of a device, the company has announced that all the additional routers, access points and clients for using this fast connection will be available and released by the end of this year.

So what this 802.11ac really means?

Described with one word: EVERYTHING. We can all agree that having faster a connection will not hurt us in any way and this is especially a must-have for those who are streaming within their home. The clients who will support this new 802.11ac must offer a stronger battery to prevent the fast battery drain. This improved speed will definitely be difficult to deal with while creating them.

It’s cool, it’s fast and it’s something that you must have in your home if you want everyone to be satisfied with the speed of the network. This new chip from Quauntenna definitely will make a difference in this fast 802.11ac network and is something that every new device will want to have support for.

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