Quattro 2 4G Ideal Handset on a Budget

Alex Bezeau May 23, 2013 0
Quattro 2 4G Ideal Handset on a Budget


The full name of this handset device is Quattro Coolpad 2 and no it isn’t something that you can place under your laptop for cooling the temperature down. This smartphone is something that you need to have if you are searching for some moderate handset device that is not expensive at all. It offers something more for the money you will spend on it and it will be totally worth it. Coolpad is a phone manufacturer that comes from China and this phone is offered for $149 without any contract.

Here is what this Quattro 2 4G has to offer.


The design of this smartphone is what attracts at first sight. You will get a feeling that you have already seen it somewhere because it’s similar to all of the budget smartphones out there. This device is 4.96 inches tall, 0.51 inch thick and 2.6 inches wide. If you are a fan of unique and quality design with silver back plate than this phone is for you.

It weighs only 94 grams and with its plastic chassis it feels like you are carrying a toy with you in your pocket. On the right side, you can notice the volume controlling button and on the top side, you will find the 3.5mm jack for headphones plus the power button. On the other side, left, there is a camera button which enables you to access it without even entering your main menu. The USB port is placed on the bottom.



On the front side, there is a 4-inch display with touchscreen feature and a 480×800 resolution. If you think that it doesn’t look so good, on the contrary – this display offers some very vibrant colors and clear text and menu icons. But it lacks responsiveness. Above the display, you can see the front VGA camera and the ear-speaker. Now let’s take a look at the back side. First thing that will catch your eyes is the camera lens with a 3.2-mpix camera and a LED flash. Underneath the back plate, which is really difficult to remove, you can find the 1,600 mAh battery plus the MicroSD slot for upgrading the storage memory.

Hardware, OS and features

Under the hood, there is something that will do just fine for you. This device is equipped with a 1 GHz processor which is not enough for a smooth running. You will feel this when you try to run an application or a game.

This phone runs on Android 2.3 OS and I know that is last year’s version but it’s up to date when you first start it. This OS version comes equipped with: Gmail, Maps and Navigation, Play Books, Play Store, Search, YouTube, Talk, Latitude, and Places. These are the basic apps that are coming with every Android version.

Beside them, there are some other apps like IM and Social, Yahoo Answers, Pocket Express, Into Now that is a TV application and some other. This phone also includes a subscription service for Rhapsody Music Service. MetroPCS hasn’t been left aside because there are some certain apps like Metro411, M Studio, MetroPCS easy WI-FI and others.


We already mentioned that there is a 3.2-mpix camera included but it doesn’t offer many settings. It has a flash and a 1.6x digital zoom. Five color effects, three picture qualities, four picture sizes, five white balances and that’s it. The front-facing camera is placed there if you need to make a video call. You can’t do anything more with it. When you want to shoot some photos with it, don’t expect something huge.


As a conclusion, the thing that we can say is beside these things the only thing that is impressive in this phone is the call quality and the speed of its 4G LTE network support. We can declare that this phone is something more as a device in progress but if it’s a great phone if you don’t want to spend much on a smartphone or you want to make only calls with your phone.

Pros: Good price, solid call quality, great display quality, good design.

Cons: Unresponsive touchscreen display, lack of better processor, poor camera, old OS version.

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