The Reasonable Review of Asus Fonepad – Is It Worth a Try?

Sara Cunningham May 22, 2013 0
The Reasonable Review of Asus Fonepad – Is It Worth a Try?

If you think that all things follows this principle “the bigger, the better.” Then you are horribly wrong because not all things agree on that. There are certain things in this world where they are designed to be bigger, while others are designed to be smaller. This case is the battle of the Asus Fonepad.

Quality Making

Asus has always been the company making outstanding Nexus 7 tablets, therefore it is no longer a surprise that the company is making another brilliant model. It’s a seven-inch slate, with almost the same appearance and proportions as the Nexus 7. It has a width of 120 mm, it has a thickness of 10mm and196 mm long. For a tablet, that is already a very good portable size. For a phone, certainly, you will be carrying it whole day every day since its size can be a nuisance.

The Reasonable Review of Asus Fonepad – Is It Worth A Try 2


The 7-inch screen Fonepad has a 1,280×800-pixels resolution, which is similar you will get on the Nexus 7. The display is clear and crisp, with no uncertainty around app icons. The small text is also very readable too, which is good news if reading eBook is your thing.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Advantages is the fact that the Price is affordable, it has a long battery life, it can be used as a mobile phone and there are several software additions in Asus. The disadvantages is the fact that the model is too big and can be used as a phone, the screen is not at all impressive, has poor performance and there are no rear cameras.

Should I Buy the Asus Fonepad?

If you see the item as a tablet, it is not at all bad. It is portable and has a long battery life. It also runs as an Android Jelly Bean. The screen and power are unimpressive though. If your money is only £180, and if you are one of those people who are in a confusion state whether a tablet or a phone, this is worth to consider. If the tablet is your thing, it is recommended to go to Nexus 7 since it has more powerful and strong processor, and if you need internet you will not have problems. Having a phone with a size of a tablet does not mean it ends there. Some people admit that the phone is just so big and they have problems in manipulating it on the public where there are thousands of robberies. The Phone is available on Amazon now at £180.

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