YouTube Big Laughs -The First Comedy Week Ever

Sara Cunningham May 22, 2013 0
YouTube Big Laughs -The First Comedy Week Ever

Is humor your thing? The humors are not just about someone who has gotten into a funny way of accidents, but also for cooking. The  Epic Meal Time of YouTube has 4.7 million subscribers. This is a comedy show and they just started this week. The date runs from May 19 up to May 25.  However, when you draw new subscribers as well as viewers to the comedians, this is not only the goal of comedy week. The team of YouTube is trying also to boost its centrality to a well-established comedians which are popular for their offline work, in order to get more subscriptions and views across the country—and, with this there is no problem about this, maybe just a simple transformation of the way people usually do.

YouTube Big Laughs -The First Comedy Week Ever 2

How the Comedy Week Serves

The YouTube team is currently making a good record out of their limelight into a comedy, but beginning on May 19, the website will be filled with approximately 150 videos, which are specifically made for that event, with the latest episodes of the popular funny web series as well as those comedy playlists which are played by the famous comedians. A broadcast stage show is also live on May 19, exactly at 9 pm that are archived for the future watching.

What the Show Features

The show features Seth Rogen, Tig Notaro, The Lonely Island and some others. It will be difficult to watch a YouTube video without seeing the Comedy Week videos, which is believed to be the hope of the viewers to explore more new channels, as well as spending time on that site. Throughout the week, there is also a promise of new content that may bring potential devotees to check the next day.

The Instances

For instance: on a current rainy morning on the Upper West Side of New York City, exactly at a shoot for the original videos of the Comedy Week. It involves a woman who is dressed like a 1950s housewife and a tiny piano. In this scenario, it is apparent that the Comedy Week on YouTube targets on attracting new subscribers. The roles of the YouTube team are just so funny, as well as the striking story. It is indeed a brilliant idea.

This is the first time YouTube is exposing a Comedy Week. You have to expect that there are more to come , though they are not revealing any statement with regards to their future plans.

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