Moment of Microsoft: Pedal to the Metal for Success

Sara Cunningham May 22, 2013 0
Moment of Microsoft: Pedal to the Metal for Success

The lead marketing of Windows Phone of Microsoft is Greg Sullivan. He has gone through a lot of conversations and sat down for a while for interviews regarding the success of the company. IDC, the market research firm, finally, smeared the phone platform as solid number three, which believed to beat the once dominant and leading BlackBerry platform. This is believed to be the first time happenings. According to Sullivan, the news and happening is refreshing for him and the company.

Given the fact that both Windows phone and BlackBerry have battled over some serious scraps, the same has been reported to the indication that all 92% of shipping Smartphones are mostly iOS and Android platforms. For Microsoft, still it is a victory in all different areas. This may be a sign of its victory or just a momentum.

Moment of Microsoft Pedal to the Metal for Success 2

Does This Guaranteed Winning?

Greg Sullivan stated that Microsoft thinks that the progression in the first way would be the flywheel. He added that the energy to begin and get going would take a lot of energy to keep up, the more energy to exert, and the more progress you will see. AS you see the progress, you will feel like a very small progress. The top point is getting a critical momentum or mass that is believed to be self sustaining.

While the arguments of the largest companies have involved, it does not hold up as you look both iOS and Apple, because they seemed really happy and has a remarkable success ever since it launched. Despite all of these, there are indications that the marketing strategy of Windows Phone is emerging into a more successful business.

Likelihood for Window

For those people interested in Android, it is pretty clear that Windows Phone will go to grab the attention of Smartphone marketing because Apple is pretty clear that they are not updating their phone for now. Microsoft is grabbing the opportunity and will become more aggressive in marketing. According to Sullivan, it is apparent because the evidences have been already transparent. First and foremost, hundreds of millions of consumers just within U.S country have still not switched to Smartphones and when being added to the right timing, everything will be fine.


Yes, indeed Microsoft is an entry-level Smartphone in the market. But, it works and functions similarly to the veteran Smartphones. The characteristic is like an Apple, according to him. But, the difference is the wide range of handsets, features of hardware, and pricing. Overall, it is an Android behavior. It is a unique merging among the Smartphone industry.

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