Pentagon Approval: Joint Venture of Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung

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Pentagon Approval: Joint Venture of Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung

Both iPad and iPhone battles for the contracts that are worth to be millions of dollars. They battle to boost their statuses in government and corporate markets. For Pentagon contracts, the Apple iPhone will be joining in venture not as an associate or a colleague but to compete with Samsung and BlackBerry products.

The Friendly-Battle

Apple’s mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone and have been unfurnished for use on the Pentagon US networks, joining BlackBerry and Samsung in the potentially enormous – and strongly regulated –the US military market. That actually opens the door in a three-way fight among companies for the contracts that worth millions of dollars whose prestige benefits far beyond the department’s network in defense.

Pentagon Approval Joint Venture of Apple, BlackBerry and Samsung 2

The BlackBerry’s Part

The BlackBerry’s Z10 PlayBook tablet and Smartphone on May 2 will run its latest BB10 software that has passed from the Pentagon’s requirements. The knox Android version of Samsung says its availability on its latest S4 Smartphone, just later this year, this has also been approved this month.

The Point of Fact

Any gadget used, is believed to be tightly controlled using the software “mobile device management” that limits what apps can be installed, used and limited in which networks to connect to. With the Pentagon searching to buy as countless as 8 m devices designed for a global network, the 3 companies have been a high profile approval to be used as a broader option of enterprise production. Samsung has created Knox, which is a hardened version. This is designed specifically to win the enterprise contracts and defense. Samsung aims to strengthen its dominance as the leading Smartphone marketers, where the functions are playing large volume of customers.

The Bad Position

The position of BlackBerry as the major supplier of defense organizations is seriously under threat due to its two opposing rivals grabbing the attention of the people. At the moment, the controversial Pentagon has more than six hundred thousand mobile devices being used on its networks, that include approximately 470,000 BlackBerry handsets, along with 41,000 iPhones and iPads, and of course 8,700 Android-based Smartphones. Loads of the concluding part have been used mainly for testing, and do not attach to its military networks.

The joint venture is a battle of the rivals. All of these companies are big, but in order to survive the market is a requirement to penetrate the market from time to time.

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