Yahoo! Plans to Spend Out $1.1 Billion for Tumblr

Sara Cunningham May 23, 2013 0
Yahoo! Plans to Spend Out $1.1 Billion for Tumblr

Not that long, the chief executive Marissa Mayer from Google to Yahoo! Has evidently persuaded to approve the Tumblr purchase to explore as many innovations and improvements for young bloggers and some internet marketers and sharers. The company is willing to pay as high as $1.1 billion in cash, even though the last year’s earnings were only $13m.

The Motive of Movements

The movement of this one largest internet company, Yahoo! will give a greater chance of attendance in the world of social networking will also create a popular presence out of creativity. Details of this great deal, the Wall Street Journal reported last night, about the unveiled by Yahoo! today. It is more likely that the Tumblr, which has 100 million users will provide a platform approximately 90 million posts daily, will continue to function as a different entity, most probably with Mr Karp at the wheel for the predictable future.

Yahoo! Plans to Spend Out $1.1 Billion for Tumblr 2

The $1. 1 Billion Purchase

The purchase, if established, represents a stake for both sides. Ms Mayer, has once poached Google last July, betting that the Tumblr has a long way to go, in gathering followers and find ways to produce more income. Meanwhile, Mr Karp has most probably calculated that he cannot take the Tumblr much further without the flavor from someone internet giant like Yahoo! Ms Mayer has enthused occasional argument at her new workplace, banning her workers from working home and limiting her maternity leave and bringing infants to her office. It has long been indicated that she wants to grow Yahoo! as a part of the marketing strategy of the acquisitions, of which now the Tumblr would be the biggest so far.

The Art of Marketers

Despite the fact that he is currently promised the outsized personal wealth, the popular, Mr Karp is fairly not yet in the league of Mark Zuckerberg. As you can see, how much they make is not known because the investors have undisclosed stakes as to who will share the Yahoo! and these proceeds with him. In point of fact, in2008, he is known to have 25 percent sales. The Yahoo! Company has approximately 700 million customers around the world and hires about 11,500 people of the countries that include the UK. There is an office in the London where it and have great services that include a Yahoo! Mail, which is an email client and of course, the most popular, search engine.

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