8th Birthday of YouTube Reveals a Hundred Hours of Uploaded Videos

Sara Cunningham May 23, 2013 0
8th Birthday of YouTube Reveals a Hundred Hours of Uploaded Videos

Ever since the YouTube began, everything was falling under the right place. In previous times, we had a hard time looking for videos for our business and collections. But now, the only site we can seek help is the YouTube. Admit it, if you had nothing to do, you think of visiting that site and search for more interesting videos. What are more interesting are the comments and opinions below from the different people worldwide. The intention of YouTube is to share and socialize people through videos. People became fascinated to see their most favorite artists and videos. The YouTube has done a great help to people wanted memories and quality time of seeing previous videos. The Company is in success ever since it came out.

8th Birthday of YouTube Reveals a Hundred Hours of Uploaded Videos 2

The 8th Celebrations

According to the news from New Delhi, a report has released regarding the eight birthday of this popular video company, YouTube. The birthday celebration has divulged to the public since it is an interesting fact. According to YouTube, nowadays, more than a hundred hours of the video are uploaded every minute, which means, the users are uploading video at 1, 44,000 hours in humongous basis every day.

The Announcements

Recently, the YouTube Company has announced that many YouTube unique users have been visiting the video-sharing website per month and has reached approximately 1 billion. That is already a huge figure. Millions of the partners are creating such content designed for YouTube and more than 2,000 companies around the word have commanded a midday break of one-hour to watch anything that includes nothing but funny YouTube videos, asserts the company.

The Year for Another Success Stories

The users of YouTube became greatly increase as years pass by. Therefore, there are no rooms of failures when the YouTube Company is planning to innovate and plans any advancement for the betterment of the company and to be able to provide the utmost quality of service to users.

The eighth birthday of YouTube is indeed something to be proud of, no wonder why reports from all over the world announced it as a special day of all. YouTube has offered a lot of interesting features and has provided great services to people. There will be a lot of updates and upgrades to YouTube, but the announcement has not been revealed. Users will be updated as soon as the company speaks and freezes some declaration. Overall, YouTube has done a great job!

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