Sought After: The Apps Designed for Galaxy Smartphones

Sara Cunningham May 23, 2013 0
Sought After: The Apps Designed for Galaxy Smartphones

As a part of the next venture to reinforce its software abilities, the largest Smartphone maker from South Korea, the Samsung Electronics declared last Monday that it will host a global rivalry to entice developers to make apps for their Galaxy Smartphones. This is another big break of Samsung Company.

How Much Samsung Electronics Is Willing to Spend Out?

The contest will pick 10 winners, and the winners will be given a joint $800,000 in prizes as cash. This is not the first time that Samsung has hosted such global contest for the Android developers. The company is mainly searching for great apps that can be synchronized with the ‘Group Play’ from the Samsung service. The Group Play is a gathering which is highlighted on the latest Galaxy S4 Smartphone of the Samsung that lets users to contribute to certain content such as games, music and photos at the same time and interrelate with one another.

Sought After The Apps Designed for Galaxy Smartphones 2

The Statement from the Largest Smartphone Company, Samsung

According to the head of the Samsung Electronics, Won-Pyo Hong, the Samsung will continue to persuade and encourage all the mobile developers and producers to create new and more innovative applications with latest launched features of the company’s Galaxy series. This will be the greatest move that comes as the Samsung Company is trying to uphold its leading position in the global Smartphone industry. According to the market research firm, the Strategy Analytics, the Samsung Company had a market share of 33.1% during the first quarter, followed by the once leading Apple that only has a 17.9%. However, the analysts estimated Samsung to be padding behind Apple in terms of the high-end market where the profit belongs.

The Latest Functions

Even though, some of the many latest functions of the Galaxy S 4 phone, which is the Smartphone has not received many great reviews and rates in terms of the software, something that has been regularly cited as a flaw in the company when we compared it to Apple. The proprietary chat app of Samsung which is called the Chat On launched has shown signs of taking off a couple of years ago.

To make sure, the strength of Samsung is the fact that they are hardware manufacturer rather than a software manufacturer. However, the analyst’s state more improved software would surely give the largest Smartphone maker a competitive boundary. Samsung is also moving forward to get a great security system designed for the mobile devices solely, which is called the Knox. Just this month, the Samsung announced the Knox-enabled tablets and Smartphones were accepted by the legal system, the Department of Defense in U.S for the use by their military officials and the government as a whole.

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