Xbox: Revelation of Expectations at Tuesday’s Event

Sara Cunningham May 23, 2013 0
Xbox: Revelation of Expectations at Tuesday’s Event

Microsoft is about to play up for the features of non-gaming entertainment of the new console that focuses on the Skype calling streaming video, and deeper incorporation with other services and devices. Much has transformed in the landscape of video games ever since the Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox 360 in the year 2005. A way back then, the Microsoft was so clear underdog, wishing cut the leads held by the opponent consoles from Sony and Nintendo. The Xbox had a following core, to make sure. But it also had ample of grounds to make up.

Xbox Revelation of Expectations at Tuesday’s Event 2

The Success Awaits

When the Microsoft shows the details of the succeeding Xbox, it will be on meeting in a far more comfortable position. Last week, the NPD reported that, approximately 130,000 Xboxes were being sold in April within US, making Xbox as the top selling video game console within the country, the successive 28th month has been in that spot. The Consumers have spent almost $208 million on software, accessories and hardware for the Xbox in the month of April, more than any opponent console. That achievement puts Microsoft in the desirable position of waiting to see what Sony and Nintendo would present their next-generation consoles before wrapping off its next Xbox. The Nintendo has launched its Wii U, which is designed to complete with a game controller tablet-like that doubles a second screen.

The Gaming Entertainment

All of the features of the non-gaming entertainment may be the centerpiece of the Tuesday’s media event. In spite of everything, the Microsoft will hold a 2nd media updating just 3 weeks later at the huge conference in Los Angeles, the E3 gaming. This will be more likely a place to focus on the games as it is lined up for the next console as well as the features that will fascinate the hardcore gamers.

Calling on Skype

Having purchased Skype nearly 2 years ago, the Microsoft Company has been excitedly weaving that communication technology, especially through video into its products. The Xbox is more likely a candidate for the Skype integration and giving the gamers a way to open a video chat with others during the game. Placing Skype on the next Xbox may open the door for an easy video conference designed for the consumers’ living rooms,

To make it more attractive, Pachter wonders if the Microsoft will package the Skype with the Xbox Live Gold service, giving free calls to any phones, not counting Net-connected devices.

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