$350 For Nvidia Shield Hands-on – Is It Cost-effective?

Sara Cunningham May 24, 2013 0
$350 For Nvidia Shield Hands-on – Is It Cost-effective?

Nvidia is becoming popular, and currently it is ready to throw another shield of mobile gaming device as next month’s activity schedule. Since the last Shield in February at MWC, the Nvidia has a refined device look, with a widening gap between joysticks and creating a more recessed, improved D-pad and higher quality of the buttons.

What the Shield Looks Like?

Above all, the new Shield has a slimmer and sleeker appearance and a fairer feel for the gamers. However, questions still remain if it is worth in $349? This content will not answer directly unless you read the full review, but what the experts can tell you is the pleasure you will experience.

$350 For Nvidia Shield Hands-on – Is It Cost-effective 2

The Pledge

The pledge of Nvidia’s Shield is giving permission to the gamers to play their most favorite Android on a dedicated device, like Steam games from PCs through WI-Fi network. During your hands-on period, experts blasted the zombies during “Dead Trigger 2″ and have rather impressed with the abilities of the Shield’s Tegra 4 processor. The water offered dynamic reflections, and smoke and particle effects appear fantastic. The Nvidia says that the Shield can create graphics better than the PlayStation Vita of Sony and practically as good as the Xbox 360 from the Microsoft.

How It Functions?

The most controversial question is whether the Nvidia can grab more consumers aboard with an Android gaming platform of $349. Even though, you can pay for more upfront, you pay considerably less for the Shield games than the Vita games which is believed to cost $9.99. With these proposals, the Vita games in general offer a more full featured game experience, rather than Android titles, while it is great to stream the games from your PC, this ability is limited to the network.

Taken as a whole, the Shield is feeling and looking better since expert’s studies and previewed it. However, the lineup of Android game will have to be stellar in order to justify the premium. It is in accordance to Nvidia to obtain as many developers as possible to love the latest platform.

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